Kosmic Karl - Defender of the Universe
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Kosmic Karl, Defender of the Universe (Andrew Barrus) is ready to take on the world's problems in his tights and cape. If only he had Super Powers! Of course, getting his memory back and falling in love would be nice too.

Karl has lost his memory and spends his time with his state appointed psychiatrist. 

Unaware of any real cosmic super powers, his spare time is spent in acts of unsuccessful heroism resulting in a series of humorous failures, encounters with police and a less than completely successful escape from a mental hospital.

Through his successes and failures, he finds love only to lose it and later come to the conclusion that the problems in the world are too big for one person to solve. A delightfully funny comedy suitable for the whole family.

  • Kosmic Karl was written and directed by Mark Whipple. The DVD features a special commentary by Mark Whipple and Gary Whipple about their experience making Kosmic Karl.
  • The independent film was filmed for $10,000 using an Arri 16mm camera. Most of the cost of production went to the processing of the film.
  • The screenplay was written with existing available locations in mind. The warehouse, the manufacturing plant, the hospital, the sewer and the Psychiatrist office.


Screenwriter and Filmmaker Mark Whipple makes his directoral debut in his 20th feature length screenplay.

More about the writings of Mark Whipple are available at www.iawriters.com 


The film featuring 15 original songs on the soundtrack.

Original songs for the film score were written and performed by Gary Whipple, Deloye Maurmann, A.D. Whipple, John Ballantyne and Mark Whipple. 

  • Crazy

  • I Called Superman
  • Pork n Beans

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